Alexia M. TannerLicensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

Alexia M. Tanner started her journey into a career as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) at an early age. She always knew she was destined to help people. She worked with the Child Advocacy Center (CAC) for two years and was a personal caretaker for persons with developmental disabilities  while completing her undergraduate studies. She finished her undergraduate studies and continued her education at Smith College of Social Work in Northampton, Massachusetts. 

While at Smith, she expanded her skills at a facility for community mental health with a focus on play therapy and child sexual abuse/trauma in Aurora, CO. She also worked at the Student Counseling Center at Emory University, Atlanta, GA with a focus on adjustment, LGBTQ community, eating disorders, coping skills and development of life goals . Upon graduation with her MSW she moved to Valdosta, GA and began working as an in-home therapist for the Department of Child and Family Services. She also handled court mandated therapy, visitation, custody, domestic violence, trauma and substance related concerns. She left in-home therapy to begin working in private practice as a Clinical Social Worker with a local company in Tifton in 2012. While there she received her licensure and became a LCSW. She also developed skills related to autism spectrum disorders, behavior modification techniques and mindfulness practices related to anxiety and various mood disorders.

Alexia believes that in order to fully support health and wellness, mental health is just one facet of overall wellness. To that end she has begun conducting group therapy sessions, holding educational seminars, selling various products such as essential oils that are all supplemental to her role as a clinician. She hopes in the near future to contract a massage therapist to practice in her office. She also would like to start offering yoga classes highlighting yoga for trauma, PTSD, Anxiety and children.

Her Motto is 'The Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with one step' and truly Wholistic Therapeutic Services wants to embody that statement and support our clients through services that can heal both mind and body.

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