Judge James BodifordSenior Judge, Superior Courts of GA

In his thirty (30) years active on the bench, Judge Bodiford presided over several of Georgia’s highest profile cases. These cases include the death-penalty trial of Attorney Fred Tokars, the Lynn Turner “Antifreeze Case,” and the internationally covered Tri-State crematory case, where over 300 bodies were found discarded outside a local crematory.

Both the Tokars case and the Turner case were covered gavel to gavel on Court TV. In 2008, Judge Bodiford was recruited and successfully completed the trial of State of Georgia v. Brian Nichols, who is known as the “Atlanta Courthouse Killer.” Judge Bodiford has been a frequent lecturer to lay people, attorneys and other Judges. On behalf of the United States, he traveled to Estonia, Bosnia, and the Republic of Georgia on eight occasions to teach the American Justice System to European judges in those countries. In the fall of 2018, Judge Bodiford received the prestigious Charles L. Weltner Freedom of Information Award from the Georgia First Amendment Foundation.

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Child Abuse Cases in the Courtroom; A View From the Bench