Andy Kogerma Training and Development Specialist - Education and Training Section, Department of Family & Children’s Services

Andy began his career in child abuse prevention and prevention over 30 years ago with the State of Florida as a CPS Treatment Counselor. He served as Director of non-profit child abuse prevention agencies in Florida and Georgia that specialized in providing intensive family preservation intervention with families who had existing CPS cases.

In 1993, Andy began his career in adult learning as a Trainer and Training Manager with Georgia Academy (provided all DFCS social services training from 1993-2000). When Georgia Academy became Family Connection Partnership, Andy served as the Statewide Community Facilitator. Andy later joined the Education & Training Services Section to help launch the FTM initiative for DFCS. He has a Level Three Certification in Training Design & Delivery from the NVQ Certification Board in England, as well as extensive experience in organizational facilitation. Andy believes that all adult learning is based on a “learning conversation” and strives to bring this quality to all the work he does.


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