Andrew H. Agatston, J.D.Attorney

Law Offices of Andrew H. Agatston, P.C. and CEO/General Counsel for Children’s Advocacy Centers of Georgia

Andrew Agatston is an attorney in private civil practice whose personal injury trial practice includes the representation of individuals who are targeted by criminal acts, including child sexual abuse survivors. He also began representing Children's Advocacy Centers as legal counsel in 1998, ultimately representing 8 Georgia CACs, and continued until July 1, 2014 when he was hired as CEO and General Counsel for the Children’s Advocacy Centers of Georgia, the state network of the 48 Georgia child advocacy centers. Andrew is the author of four books for CACs, and since 2008 has operated a national listserv for CAC professionals and their multidisciplinary team members that reaches more than 1,000 subscribers in 49 states. Andrew also regularly conducts workshops and other trainings throughout the country for CAC professionals regarding legal matters that impact their important work on behalf of suspected victims of child abuse, neglect and exploitation.


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Law Offices of Andrew H. Agatston