Bugsy (Michael Page) Georgia State President, Bikers Against Child Abuse

My road name is Bugsy and I am a patched member of Bikers Against Child Abuse. My given name is Michael Page. I was born in Jacksonville, Florida on December 25th, 1963. I have one brother Mark who is 2 ½ yrs younger than me. My Dad was a warehouse supervisor and my Mom worked as a nurse. My wife, Billie, is an educator. She and I have been married for 28 yrs and have 2 children, Dalton, our 28 year-old millennial son, and Madison our 20 year-old, Daddy’s girl, daughter. We also have a Labrador Retriever named Jake and two feral cats.


I graduated Valdosta High School in 1981 and attended one year of Valdosta State College and majored in partying. I worked for about 10 years in the retail grocery business, a couple of years in foodservice and about 20 years as an insurance agent. In late 2012 I was abruptly fired and never given a reason.

It took me several months after losing my job to realize that it was one of the best blessings I have ever received. I was financially able to take off of work for over 5yrs. and spent time helping care for my Dad with Lewey Body Dementia. I attended my first meeting with Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) in Jacksonville, Florida one week before my Dad passed.

I attended meetings in Jacksonville monthly until about August of 2014  when we had enough members to start a Temporary Charter in Valdosta, Ga.. The seven of us spent a lot of time training, riding, and learning the BACA way to do things. I had the time off of work and luckily had some money set aside and did not go back to work until recently.

I am the founder for the Little River Chapter based out of Valdosta, Ga. and the State of Georgia Chapter. I also serve as both President and Public Relations Officer for the State of Georgia. Just recently I was elected to serve as a Regional Representative for one of the 11 regions covering North America. Although all of these offices are vital, most importantly I am a primary contact for several of our B.A.C.A. kids! I am a member of Bikers Against Child Abuse.

In BACA we do not seek plaudits or praise, because our sole purpose is to empower children to not be afraid of the world in which they live.

When I was a kid I can remember lying awake in bed and wondering what I was here for, what was I supposed to be or do? I now know without a shadow of a doubt that my special purpose is to empower abused children to not be afraid of the world in which they live.


Bikers Against Child Abuse 101: How We Empower Children Not to Be Afraid