Matthew SanduskyChild Sexual Abuse Survivor + Motivational Speaker

  • Co-Founder and President of Peaceful Hearts Foundation
  • Advocate and Activist for the issue of Child Sex Abuse
  • Published Author of “Undaunted: Breaking my silence to overcome the trauma of child sexual abuse”.

Matthew uses his life’s story to motivate people to take action to prevent CSA and how to positively engage and support adult survivors of CSA. He hopes that by telling his story he is able to show survivors that hope always exists and that healing will happen. “We have been broken, but with Love and Support, we will rebuild and become stronger than we ever could have imagined”.

The Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal was one of the most highly publicized sex abuse cases in history. During the trial, Matthew disclosed that his adopted father, Jerry Sandusky from ages 10-16, sexually abused him. Matthew’s disclosure interview, to police, was leaked to the media. He and his family were placed in the center of a media firestorm.

Through the traumatic experiences Matthew has experienced he has decided to take on the role of advocate for CSA survivors. Matthew is giving survivors a voice to raise awareness to an epidemic that still remains mostly silent. He is also showing survivors there is hope and that healing does happen. By speaking publicly he hopes to bring more awareness to the fact that males are sexually abused and that help is needed.

Founder of Peaceful Hearts Foundation, along with his wife Kim, Matthew helps promote stronger statute of limitation laws, education for children and adults, a survivor fund to help alleviate costs of treatment for CSA survivors, stronger mandated reporter laws, and other legislation as the need arises. Peaceful Hearts also helps survivors of childhood sexual abuse find the support and love they need and deserve.

Matthew started to tell his story in a documentary, “Happy Valley”. In the film he discusses his life with the Sandusky family, his abuse at the hands of his adopted father, and the way a community treated he and his family in the wake of his disclosure. Matthew has also taken part in a sit down, one-on-one interview with Oprah Winfrey and been featured in a second documentary titled “Invisible Scars”.

Matthew has recently released his memoir titled, Undaunted: Breaking my silence to overcome the trauma of child sexual abuse. A book in which he discusses the physical, mental, and sexual abuse he suffered as a child and the lessons he has learned in healing from the trauma caused by the abuse. The memoir is also an education tool for the reader on the issue of child sexual abuse.

Matthew Sandusky attended Penn State University, studying Business. He was married in 2011 to his wife Kim. Matthew is the proud father of five children.


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